Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Iron helps us play

Are you tired of getting your hopes up watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics only to be let down by the mediocre performance of the athletes. Well no more because the FDA has approved the hyperolympics. Only athletes taking performance enhancing drugs will be allowed in this test of brawn.

Here are just some of the commentary highlights from the hyperolympics.

1. Is that a yeti over there, no it Glaxo’s entry in the womans 500 meter free style.

2. Commentator A: He must be angry with that lift, 300kg just will not be enough.
Commentator B: Oh no ‘roid rage is setting in.
Commentator A: We’re getting conformation from the officials now the Bristol-Myers Squibb entry has just taken the head off the smaller GE health care entry.
Commentator B: You just can’t get meaningless violence like this anywhere else. Stay tuned.

3. It seems the horse has fallen over the Takeda pharmaceutical concern will not be happy with that. Wait, yes he is holding the horse above his head and running the course. Never since Mr Ed have I seen a more exciting show involving our equine friends.

So there you have it folks just like the Olympics, hyperolympics fulfils your need for jingoism but only hyperolympics has that chemically enhanced wow factor.

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