Monday, May 15, 2006


There’s one born every minute, well maybe in your space-time.

When a universe gives birth its child is in a different space/time zone; this is a source of many interuniversal feuds. The family gatherings usually go a little like this. “My, haven’t you expanded dear” say’s aunt universe to baby universe. “I see little Benny isn’t able to support intelligent life yet; how old did you say he was now?” say’s grandpa universe. “He’s already four billion years old” laughs Benny’s older brother. “No I’m not, my time goes four time quicker than yours!” shouts Benny.
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So if like me you are little slow or addle brained just claim you are part of a different universe, if they doubt you just ask them when was the last time you remembered a birthday or for that matter what year it is in their universe. Posted on the 40/13/6002 at 20:80.

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