Monday, May 01, 2006


Penguin Duty the two most loathed words in the English language.

Penguin duty all started when Mildrid, my head seal, ate the park’s two remaining penguins. We knew they were a big crowd pleaser so we had to act quickly. Pete the stumpy pirate was quick to point out that your average punter doesn’t know what a penguin looks like and for that matter what a chicken looks like before its been dismembered. So, as quick as a split he had me down at the battery hen farm stealing chickens (dressed in a chicken suit so as not to scare the chickens).

That’s where the duty part comes in painting the little buggers, its easy enough sanding them down but painting them is another matter. Today seems no different, already I have paint in my ears and it can only get worse.

Look out Mildrid don’t eat that it has paint on it! Looks like I’ll be painting up a donkey as well tonight.

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