Thursday, May 11, 2006


Get thee to a menagerie

Dear Sister May
I am writing this letter to humbly apologise for the little incident last week. Once I explain what happened I’m sure you will no longer want to press charges.

It all started when Stumpy Pete, my boss at the animal amusement park, decided to splice the decks, so to speak. During the ensuing party a number of the penguins escaped. I, now slightly intoxicated, mounted one of the larger sea lions and set off on a daring rescue mission. As I came down George Street I noticed what looked like two slightly larger than normal penguins. I spurred my trusty steed on and prepared the lasso. On the first pass I lassoed, what now seemed like the largest talking penguin I had ever seen, and pulled it flapping and squawking all the way back to the park.

So you see sister you can’t blame me for doing my civic duty and rescuing a poor defenceless penguin.

Yours sincerely
Man from the animal park that dragged you down George Street behind a sea lion.

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