Monday, May 08, 2006


A ferret that’s nothing

About twenty years ago I was travelling in India when I stopped to watch a snake charmer. After watching the rather unimpressive show I refused to pay him, this made him rather irate. Before you could say bad idea, he had thrown a cobra at me. Up my left trouser leg it went, not one for exhibitionism I refused to take my trousers off. Instead I grabbed a mongoose and stuffed that down my right leg. A great hissing and growling ensued as the mighty mongoose did battle with the serpent.

The wild flailing of my legs and strange noises emanating from my now rather overfull trousers began to attract a crowd. All the attention aggravated my inner ear problem causing me to lose balance. Soon I was writhing on the ground. My animal pals decided to put aside their age old differences and began biting me. To my amazement the crowd began to cheer. You see my friends there is nothing more entertaining than a mongoose-fighting-a-cobra-up-your-trousers-combined-with-loss-of-equilibrium or as I like to call it break dancing.

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