Tuesday, May 09, 2006


de mortuis nil nisi bonum

Last night my uncle Ethylburt died. Ethylburt was a mean spirited pirate with no sense of taste. In accordance with his wishes I ask you all to join me in this song.

Ethylburt, Ethylburt you’ll be fondly remembered.

Ethylburt, Ethylburt your collection of shrunken heads was displayed every November.

Ethylburt, Ethylburt you wife’s legs were broken by the money lender.

Ethylburt, Ethylburt you liked your turkey tender.

Ethylburt, Ethylburt your body we will now dismember.

Yes uncle Ethylburt your memory lives on and each November I will see your face glaring down at me from my fire place.

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