Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Based on a true story

When I was a young lad I wanted to enter my bike in the decorated bike section of the Christmas parade. The trouble was I couldn’t ride a bike; the solution came in the form of a bike and sidecar. I would sit on the sidecar (skate board attached to the bike with pieces of tinsel) and my friend would ride the bike. The parade went well for the first hundred meters or so, when suddenly the tinsel broke and I was left sitting on my skateboard. Not being able to ride the skateboard I madly scraped my hands along the ground to get traction. As the bikes left into the distance; I was left floundering around with my bloodied stumps trying to push my rather sad mode of transport along the main street. What’s the moral of this story you may ask? Never get in to a vehicle you can’t propel with your feet. A car is ok cf. the Flintstones.

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